Basic guides

  • 1

    Interface elements in the desktop

    • Desktop and Web apps - what’s the difference?

    • The 'Elements' tab

  • 2

    Desktop Picker

    • How to use the Desktop Picker?

  • 3

    Desktop Apps automation activities

    • How to click on a button or other element in the desktop application or on the desktop?

    • How to change the value attribute of a selector?

    • How to extract the content from the editing fields?

    • How to minimize an application window?

    • How to maximize an application window?

    • How to bring an element to the foreground?

    • How to select an item from the drop-down list?

    • How to close a desktop window?

  • 4

    Keyboard interaction

    • How to input text in desktop applications?

    • How to send hotkeys?

  • 5

    Desktop Recorder

    • How to use the Desktop Recorder?

  • 6


    • Quick resume

    • Check your understanding